Dyno Test Proves Dodge Demon Is Way More Powerful Than You Think


Did it hit the lofty power figures that Dodge claimed?

Ever since Dodge the all-new Demon, we have been salivating over its insane performance figures. The car is said to produce 840 hp from its 6.2-liter supercharged V8, and run through the quarter-mile in 9.65 seconds. Of course, in order to hit the fastest times on the drag strip, owners will have to put race gas into their cars. The Demon has the between normal 91-octane pump gas and 100-octane race fuel, which is a first for a production car. So how does the different octane gas effect performance?

So far, we haven't seen too many practical demonstrations of the Demon's power, because it hasn't . A2Speed was able to get their hands on one for a dyno test to see if those quoted power figures were legitimate.

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The car was tested on pump gas, but A2Speed says that a race fuel test will be conducted in the coming weeks. The Demon managed to put down 724 hp to the wheels. This means that there is either an approximately 10 percent drivetrain loss, or the Demon's engine is underrated from the factory. RWD automatic cars normally suffer more than a 10% drivetrain loss, so despite its massive output, it appears the Demon has plenty more left in the tank.