Drifting Supercars And The Batmobile In The Snow Looks Like Fun


Is it as good off road as you’d think it is?

Until recently, we hadn’t seen much of Mr JJW on YouTube, but from what we can already tell, this YouTuber lives a pretty fabulous life. Some people want money, beautiful people, and fame. All we need to be happy is a garage of life-changing cars, which is apparently a sentiment shared by Mr JJW. His previous video invoked a Ferrari 488 GTB Spyder and a McLaren 650S Spyder , essentially the Middle East’s best supercar playground.

This time JJW and friends take the fun to snowy Sweden to document the Team Galag trip that involves plenty of supercars, some snowy sideways fun, and a visit . As for the supercars, we know that automakers enjoy testing their cars in these sorts of extreme conditions in order to make sure their owners can take them on trips like this.

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For the Batmobile, well, it’s the Batmobile so it should be able to tackle these sorts of conditions without issue. Whoever the owner is, we’re glad they have a sense of humor because the rest of the cars here are serious business, including the Mercedes GT3, an old Porsche or two, a Brabus Mercedes G Wagon. The Batmobile itself manages to spin out as well because, as you’d probably expect, it’s more movie prop then car so there are no grappling hooks to get it out of trouble. On the side, the nature of this drive means that nobody’s in competitive spirit and can let things run their course without focusing on getting the best lap time.


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