Don't Fall In Love With The Coolest Concepts, Says FCA Head Honcho


Because we all now the fate of most concepts, right?

There have been countless times when we’ve , only for it to never happen. That concept is either parked away in an automaker’s private museum or, sadly, sent to the crusher. And it’s lost to history. Unfortunately this trend is very unlikely to change, at least according to Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. reports that the sweater-loving Marchionne has a message for car and concept car enthusiasts: “not to fall in love with everything they see.”

His underlying message, quite obviously, is that and not much more. Either they materialize or they don’t. As the electric car era is only just getting underway, the flow of concepts is going to keep on coming, perhaps at an even greater pace. And that’s exactly what Marchionne is getting at; concepts, specifically EV concepts, are only visions, not necessarily reality. “There’s so much excitement around electric cars, yet they are still bought by less than 1% of car buyers,” he pointed out. Yes, that’s true. EVs are by no means mainstream yet, despite everything you read about Tesla and Elon Musk’s Twitter account.

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Anytime a new technology is introduced there are always “early adapters,” according to marketing speak. That’s the less than one percent at the moment. Every year we see more concept EVs that often times look stunning but we need to remember there’s such a thing called reality.


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