Dodge Demon Owners Can Burn Rubber On Hennessey's Drag Strip

Muscle Car

Looking for a drag strip to unleash the Dodge Demon's full potential? Happily, Hennessey is here to help.

Considering it’s capable of at 140 mph and is the only production car in the world that comes with , the bonkers Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was clearly . So it came as a crushing blow when the National Hot Rod Association effectively banned it from unleashing its full 840-hp potential on its quarter-mile tracks because the muscle car’s extreme speed doesn’t meet regulations.

Thankfully, Dodge Demon owners desperate to do some drag racing now have an alternative option thanks to John Hennessey. The founder of renowned Texas tuner Hennessey Performance is opening up his private quarter-mile drag strip, Lonestar Motorsports Park, for Dodge Demon owners to utilize and burn some rubber – providing they attend a one-day drag racing school, that is. In an open letter to Tim Kuniskis, head of passengers cars for FCA US, John Hennessey explains how he was “greatly disappointed to find out that the NHRA has banned the Demon from being able to run to its full potential at their quarter-mile drag-strips.”

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“As the president of Lonestar Motorsports Park, we plan to allow Dodge Demon owners to be able to run their vehicles down our quarter-mile drag-strip without a rollcage and/or parachute,” he continued. “The only requirement that we will have for Demon owners is that they attend a one-day drag-racing school with their Demon, so that they can become familiar with doing burnouts, setting tire pressures and safely operating their vehicles in a drag strip environment.” As Hennessey put it, the Demon has now been “set free.” Hennessey has already set its sights on the Demon with plans to , so we wouldn’t be surprised if the tuner capitalizes on the opportunity to gain some new customers.



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