Did Tyler The Creator Just Buy A New McLaren 650S?


It sure looks like it.

Earlier this summer it was revealed that recording artist Tyler, The Creator is an absolute McLaren fanatic. So much so that he even paid a special visit to McLaren’s headquarters in May to take a test drive in the legendary McLaren F1. Following Tyler’s F1 test drive it was clear that a love affair was blossoming with the British automaker as the rapper and McLaren exchanged messages on social media. We suppose it was inevitable that things would eventually be taken to the next level.

Now, only three months after his initial visit to McLaren’s home base, a photo of Tyler, The Creator posing with a brand new 650S has appeared on the official McLaren Instagram feed. Is this confirmation that the hip hop artist has finally sealed the deal on a brand new McLaren or is it just another awesome test drive? At this point we can only speculate.

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