Did Porsche Just Leak Taycan Model Names And Pricing?


How does the Taycan Turbo sound to you?

The Porsche Taycan is . While the production has yet to be revealed, people are desperate and are even willing to for one.

We previously, but Porsche has remained quiet on official pricing. Thanks to an , we may finally know how much the Taycan will cost and what its model variants will be called.

The email reads, " Good afternoon Alex, I am following up on our inquiry on the upcoming Porsche Taycan. We are expecting to see the new model in about one year from now. Porsche is going to build three models, the Taycan, Taycan 4S, and Taycan Turbo. Pricing will start in the low $90,000 for the Taycan, high $90,000 for the 4S, and over $130,000 for the Turbo before options. We are taking a $2,500 deposit to put clients in order demand with Porsche. Please let me know if you would like to put a deposit on one of the Taycan models."

At the bottom, the name of the sender has been redacted but their title as Porsche Global Brand Ambassador has been left in.

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There are a lot of interesting details to break down here. For starters, a low $90,000 base price contradicts earlier rumors that the Taycan will cost less than the Panamera ($85,000). Secondly, it looks as though only the base Taycan will be rear-wheel-drive, whereas the 4S and Turbo will likely be all-wheel-drive. We also find it funny seeing the name 'Turbo' used on an electric car - Porsche is likely keeping the Turbo name to let brand loyalists know which Taycan model is the fastest.

We still aren't sure if these pricing figures are completely accurate, as Porsche has not made anything official. If this is the true pricing for the Taycan, it will be a bit more expensive than the Tesla Model S 75D ($78,000) on the low end and on par with the P100D ($135,000) on the high end. The Taycan should give Tesla owners a lot to think about.



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