Danny Lambo Is Britain’s Answer To Dan Bilzerian


Is this guy living the dream or what?

International playboy Dan Bilzerian may have met his equal. The King of Instragam has a reputation for driving fast cars, spending money on lavish toys, and dating a string of hot girls. But Britain’s has a CV to match. The London playboy is a self-made millionaire with a penchant for loud Lamborghinis including a purple Diablo that boasts the loudest exhaust in Britain. Described as Britain’s flashiest playboy, he’s not shy about flaunting his wealth, accumulated after buying and converting a London hotel and building a property empire.

He lives in a £7.5 million house in Mayfair, dates Russian models, owns a four-poster bed that once belonged to Napolean, and mixes with London’s supercar-loving elite. In fact, just last month he and his supercar buddies held a supercar charity cruise for cancer awareness, riding around the capital with beauty pageants.

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His flashy lifestyle will be documented on a British TV show next month, and we think he could . Just listen to that Diablo! His car collection includes an Aventador Roadster, a Murcielago packing a flame kit, Aston Martin DB6, an “Italian Job” Mini Cooper, and a 1951 Mercury Custom he bought from 50 Cent.




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