Costco Members Can Cash In On Big Volvo Incentives


Juicy $3,000 discounts on 2018 Volvo S90, V90, and V90 Cross Country.

Hey Volvo lovers, I hope you remembered to renew your Costco membership, because they’ve got a nice little deal going on for May and June. In addition to Costco members’ usual discount on Volvos (which is equal to Volvo employee pricing), Volvo is offering an extra $3,000 incentive on the 2018 , 2018 and 2018 . Costco will also throw in a $250 gift card (you have to complete a survey to collect that) so you can buy yourself a wagon load of travel mugs to go along with your new car.

Let’s say you were eyeing that T6 AWD Ocean Race Edition that normally lists at $60,500 – that $3,000 is a healthy 5% discount without doing anything more than paying that $60 annual fee and buying toilet paper in packages larger than your average washing machine and mayonnaise in 5 gallon buckets. If you’re set on one of the more popular Volvo crossovers, the and XC60, you still get something, but it’s just a modest $750, and any of them can be combined with other offers for which you might qualify, so it’s icing on the cake.

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The deal is valid for anyone with a membership dating back to May 1 of this year or earlier, so unfortunately it’s not something you can join and cash in on. In case you’re new to the idea of Costco selling cars through their Costco Auto Program (CAP), you don’t actually buy them at the warehouse stores, but they will find you a dealer with the right models and get the ball rolling with the advertised pricing. It’s on you to say no to the window etching and rust proofing module once you reach the dealership to sign the deal.


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