Chevy Hopes People Will Buy This Fake "Pocket Rocket"


Americans won't be fooled.

General Motors – its Chevrolet brand specifically – is one of the few automakers that hasn't given up on selling small cars, even in America. But it's not bringing one of its newest to its home market here in the United States. Which seems like a bit of a shame, especially in this sporty trim just released.

Now being rolled out in China, the new Redline is a compact sedan that may not pack a lot of power, but has a performance bent largely unseen from the likes of the and sold here in America.

The Onix Redline packs the latest version of GM's Ecotec 325T engine – a direct-injected turbo four producing a modest 123 horsepower and 133 lb-ft of torque, transmitted by a six-speed automatic with stop/start ignition.

What it lacks in punch, though, it seeks to make up for with a sportier look and demeanor. Similar to the of models like the Cruze, Equinox, Orlando, Monza, and Malibu XL it's rolled out in China, the Onix Redline is distinguished by black and red trim to give it an altogether sportier demeanor.

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It rides on its own unique set of 16-inch alloys, blacked out to complement the rest of the trim – from the grille and badges to the obsidian-black window frames and rear spoiler. LED exterior lighting visually helps the cause as well, and the interior is done up in two tones with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, double-barrel 3.5-inch digital instrument display, front sport seats, and all the electronic bells and whistles.

The sum total is a small sedan that at least looks less like a rental-fleet econobox and more like a downsized four-door Camaro for the mass market. Just not for ours, unfortunately.