Chevrolet Sonic Death Notice Has Been Put On Hold


At least for the 2019 model year.

Last month we learned that Chevrolet was planning to cut a few vehicles from its lineup, . You all remember the Sonic, right? Well, don’t worry if you did forget about it because a lot of consumers apparently did as well. Anyway, despite that previous report claiming the Sonic would not be back for next year, has learned otherwise. A Chevrolet spokesperson has confirmed the Sonic will return to dealership lots for the 2019 model year.

Sonic will indeed be sold to both retail and fleet customers for 2019 model year," Chevrolet spokesman Nick Jaynes Morgan said. So, how did last month’s Sonic death rooms get started in the first place, and why did it take Chevrolet this long to confirm they weren’t true? The rumors began not long after the . Because the Sonic wasn’t included (nor was the full-size Impala sedan) and market conditions are now heavily favoring crossovers, many figured the Sonic’s time was simply up. Combined with relatively slow sales, the logic made sense. Thing is, Chevrolet itself, for whatever reason(s), did not confirm nor deny the rumors at the time.

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Perhaps there was still some internal debate regarding the Sonic’s future and only now has a final decision been made. The 2019 Sonic, for the record, will be unchanged from the 2018 model, meaning it will still be offered in LT and Premier trims, while both a manual and automatic gearboxes remain available. Essentially, it’s a direct carry over, though we can’t confirm final pricing just yet. In any case, the 2019 Sonic will exist, but beyond that is a question not even Chevrolet may have an answer for yet.