Chevrolet Helped The Porsche 911 GT3 RS Set Amazing Nurburgring Time


Performance makers playing nice with each other.

Porsche stunned the world recently when word broke that the 911 GT3 RS followed it’s turbocharged big brother, the GT2 RS, around the Nurburgring’s venerable Nordschleife circuit. Turns out, the GT3’s 6:56.4 lap time was made possible in part by Chevrolet who had the track booked. It was a sporting gesture as the track was under the perfect conditions for Porsche's highly impressive run.

According to , Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger expressed gratitude to Team Corvette, which allowed a pair of Weissach RS machines under the control of factory hot shoes Kévin Estre and Lars Kern run of the 12.9-mile Green Hell despite having the circuit booked at the time to test the Corvette ZR1.“They gave us an hour on track. We let them watch and it was quite a nice atmosphere among competitors,” Preuninger said. Porsche didn’t even need a full hour to crack the seven-minute barrier. The first time clocked was under seven, and the final time of six minutes and fifty six seconds was set by Estre on only the fourth timed lap. “After half an hour we were off the track again and very happy,” Preuninger concluded.

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Unfortunately it seems Chevrolet is having some trouble getting the ZR1 around in under 420 seconds, with the leading culprit believed to be the excessive amount of downforce needed to make the Corvette behave which ends up generating mass amounts of drag which just sucks speed down the 1.3-mile long Döttinger Höhe straight. It’s believed the ZR1 is hovering around the 7:10 minute mark, for now. What’s absurd is that we’re so spoiled for performance figures in 2018 that because it can’t crack 7-minutes. I’s still on par with the AMG GT R, the Porsche 918, and, most importantly, the Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR. Isn’t it cool when automakers get along?