Bruce Wayne Will Love This Rolls-Royce Batmobile


Clearly, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan has lots of potential.

Say what you will about the, the automaker is going to make a ton of cash off each and every one it sells. And it will sell plenty. Bentley proved uber-luxury SUVs, like its own Bentayga, are sources of immense profits, hence the and the upcoming and .

But the Cullinan’s design remains a source of controversy for many because it’s not exactly pretty. Rolls-Royce’s current in-your-face design language hasn't transferred from sedan to SUV particularly well. But what if the brand decided to expand its lineup even further?

What if Bruce Wayne called and asked for a custom-built and luxurious new Batmobile? created such a rendering for . Along with the Rolls-Royce Batmobile, several more bodystyle renderings were cooked up, such as a 4x4, crossover, minivan, semi-truck, pickup truck, hatchback and even a classic sports car bearing the general shape of the Jaguar E-Type. But aside from the Batmobile, two other renderings stand out: a hover car and a semi-truck. Both make the best use of the Cullinan’s blocky styling, aside from the Dark Knight’s ride.

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That minivan? It’s too ugly to even consider building, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Rolls-Royce is considering a four-door coupe/crossover variant. Even the hardened 4x4 doesn’t look half bad, but there’s very little chance it’ll ever happen. The flying car rendering, however, could be the Rolls-Royce of the future, assuming flying cars actually become a thing (and we doubt that). In any case, if there were any questions as to what an expanded Rolls-Royce product lineup could look like given the present design language, your answers are pictured here.



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