BMW May Be Working On A Flagship SUV To Sit Above The X7


Haven't we heard this rumor before?

to be working on an X8 to sit above it as a flagship SUV. The X8 rumors continued into the end of 2018 with and would receive a bespoke interior with unparalleled luxury and comfort. We haven't heard any new rumors about the X8 since the tail end of 2018, so we figured the idea was just speculation from the beginning.

that the X8 could still be coming according to rumors it heard out of Munich. BMW Blog says the "X8 chatter has picked up again and the new luxurious SUV might be coming to market."

The outlet also stated it cannot yet confirm the rumors but believes the X8, which is being developed with the internal codename G09, could be approved for production in early 2019. This doesn't specify when BMW will actually reveal the car, so it may be a while before we see a production X8. It is also too early to predict what type of vehicle the X8 could be. The rendering above by X-Tomi Design imagined what the X8 would look like as a coupe version of the X7, similar to the X6. Rumors suggest the X8 will be based on the same platform as the X7 but that in terms of design, it could go in a different direction.

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The second row will likely feature comfortable captain's chairs like the ones in the X7 (pictured below). This would give the X8 seating for four in extreme comfort, but no one knows if a third row will be available. Like a Range Rover, BMW could exclude the third row to position the X8 as an ultra-luxury SUV rather than a practical one. As for the engines, we would expect the X8 to use the same inline-six and V8 mills from the X7, and the 6.6-liter V12 from the M760Li would not be outside the realm of possibility. If we start seeing X7 test mules later this year, it could prove that the X8 is on its way.