BMW Is Already Planning An X8 SUV Even Before The X7 Goes On Sale


Don't assume it'd be a coupe version of the X7.

What began with the original 1999 BMW X5 has become an entire lineup of SUVs making boatloads of cash for BMW. We already know the X7 seven seater will arrive soon, but there’s already serious talk of an X8, according to . Assuming it gets the green light, the X8 would be slotted above the X7 as the German automaker’s luxury SUV flagship. Don’t believe it’ll really happen? Think what you want, but there’s past precedent for even-numbered SUVs with sleeker, more coupe-like styling: X2, X4, and X6.

However, ’s sources claim the , meaning BMW has even higher aspirations and confidence in the luxury SUV market. Just look at its expected competition: the Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, and the forthcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Then again, Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW, so it’d be interesting to see how the Cullinan and an X8 will differ in terms of packaging, though they’ll appeal to different (rich) buyers. For now, though, the suits in Munich have yet to make a final decision and are still studying whether there’s a business case. If we had to make a guess right here, right now, then we’d say "Yes." Why?

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It makes sense given the growing demand for uber luxurious SUVs. One of the X8’s top priorities would be to give rear seat passengers the same level of pampering as they do in the 7 Series sedan. That means more than enough headroom is required, so a more conventional, non-coupe roofline is necessary. Also expect all of latest technologies and autonomous driving features.


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