Aston Martin Vision 8 Imagines The V8 Vantage Of The Future


The alluring design of the Aston Martin Vision 8 needs to happen.

Aston Martin has a very promising future ahead of it with new CEO Andy Palmer at the helm. In the next few years, the British manufacturer has ambitious plans to build seven supercars in just seven years to rival its closest competitors Ferrari and McLaren as part of its "Second Century Plan." Part of that plan includes the built in collaboration with Red Bull, a super lightweight, 1000 hp monster capable of reaching speeds of over 250 mph, yet it’s somehow still road legal.

Following this, Aston Martin plans to – essentially, it will be the V8 Vantage of the future. No-one knows how the new mid-engined supercar will look yet since it's still years away, but automotive designer Costas Phouphoullides has created a visionary concept design called the Vision 8 to get our imaginations into gear. The Vision 8 seems to take some design cues from the , sporting a similar grille and hood. The similarities end there, however – this is otherwise a radical diversion from Aston’s trademark designs.

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The striking shape looks like something out of a science fiction movie, with its quirky rear LED taillights and a wraparound windshield that joins seamlessly with the side windows. It won’t score very highly on rear visibility, though – mainly because there isn’t a rear window at all. Practicality probably wasn’t a priority to this designer. Whether the manufacturer’s next mid-engined supercar will look anything like this wacky concept remains to be seen, but Aston Martin would surely be proud at this designer's efforts.