Aston Martin To Open New Test Center At Silverstone


Future cars will test at both the Nurburgring and Silverstone.

Aston Martin has just announced it has secured a deal that will see the Silverstone Circuit in the UK become its new home for testing and development. From this point on, prototypes for all future vehicles will utilize this new hub as they undergo chassis dynamics testing and high-speed handling. Aston Martin operations. In addition to Silverstone, Aston Martin Lagonda will open a new central London office for meetings and events.

Speaking of which, it’s also very likely Aston Martin will take advantage of its Silverstone access for customer events. “Every true performance car company needs a reference circuit and I can think of none more suitable than Silverstone,” said vehicle engineering chief Matt Becker. “It is the perfect location to develop the next-generation of Aston Martins.” This is all a part of Aston Martin’s growth plan. In 2016, for example, it announced a second production facility, located in St. Athan in Wales, will be constructed. It’s scheduled to go online in late 2019 when production of the company’s first SUV gets underway.

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Along with the addition of Silverstone and London facilities, Aston Martin will have 10 operating locations across the UK. By the end of 2022 it plans to have 5,000 employees. Its , which will replace the Vanquish. That debut is expected to happen anytime now.