Aston Martin Accidentally Reveals 'DB11 AMR' Name


This could be the most hardcore DB11 model.

Last year, Aston Martin revealed , which bridges the gap between the company's road cars and racers. The AMR name has already been , and will soon and the . We know that Aston Martin is close to revealing a , called the DBS Superleggera, but it seems this won't be the only hardcore DB11 variant. Earlier this week, the British automaker mistakingly posted the name of another upcoming model, the DB11 AMR.

Aston Martin posted a link with the name "DB11 AMR" , but took it down on the same day. Unfortunately, nothing else about the car is known because the information is hidden behind a password. If it is anything like previous AMR cars, the DB11 AMR should have an aggressive paint scheme with a stripe and matching interior. A power boost is possible, and the AMR treatment could apply to V8 and V12 DB11 models. Aston only built 300 units of the Vantage AMR (200 V8s and 100 V12s), so the DB11 would likely be a limited production as well.

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We aren't sure where this model would slot with a new DBS on the way. Perhaps the DBS will still be focused on road-going performance, whereas the AMR will be more track-focused. We should know fairly soon what Aston Martin's plan is when the DB11 AMR is revealed for real.