Another Limited Edition Porsche Has Almost DOUBLED In Value

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Stop buying stocks, and just buy rare Porsche models.

The market for "rare" Porsche models is getting out of . The 911 GT3RS had a base price of $175,900, yet if you want a used one, you will pay at least $300,000. The 918 is an even worse ! New 918s were sold for $845,000, but are now worth $1.5-$1.8 million. Clearly the demand for limited edition Porsche models has never been higher. That is why a dealership called Hoefnagels has a 911 50th Anniversary edition listed for €209,500 ($236,357), nearly double its $124,100 price from 2013.

The 50th Anniversary 911 was limited to just 1,963 models and came with unique styling cues. The car was powered by a 3.8-liter naturally-aspirated flat-six, upgraded to 430 horsepower. The car also had 20-inch Fuchs-style throwback wheels and unique checkered interior to hark back to the original 911. We that these cars would have a big resale value, and it turns out we were right. No one knows when the Porsche collector bubble will , but until it does, buy every special edition Porsche that you can afford.

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