Alpina B7 & Audi S8 go Head 2 Head


Head 2 Head pits two -sized German performance sedans against each other.

Jonny Lieberman of Motor Trend's has a unique take on the auto industry's finest cars that he regularly evaluates, and the latest episode of Head 2 Head is no different. This week's edition features two $100,000- super-sedans - the Audi S8 and BMW Alpina B7 - pitted against each other to find out which model is truly the best German super-sedan on the market. Both cars share many similarities besides their respective over-the-top price tags: they're both performance versions of standard luxury sedans, each has a twin-turbo V8 and 8-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmissions.

The biggest difference up front is that the Audi uses the Quattro all-wheel drive setup while the Alpina B7 utilizes a rear-wheel drive configuration. We don't want to take too much away from Lieberman's program, so we will let you watch the clip and make your own decision about which ultra-luxury performance sedan you would rather spend a day tooling around in.

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