Alfa Romeo Commercial Make Us Really Want The Stelvio


We don't usually fall for car commercial gimmicks, but Alfa has nailed this ad campaign.

A car commercial can do a lot to make or break the success of a new model. Companies like Audi have come up with really deep campaigns that get us thinking about , and BMW has can also make a commercial great. We think that at the heart of every great advertisement, there is a hidden truth about the car. We don't mind seeing the "" of a winding mountain road, so long as the car in the ad actually looks like it belongs there. For example, no Nissan Rogue owner will ever go canyon carving.

Alfa Romeo is just returning to the US market, so its latest commercials are extremely important because they need to inform US consumers about what the brand stands for. Alfa Romeo sales have been increasing thanks to the Giulia, but with the arrival of the Stelvio SUV.

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Alfa's latest commercial for the Stelvio is called "Whoa There," which perfectly incapsulates how we feel about the Stelvio. We think that the Stelvio is the first SUV since the original Porsche Cayenne and Macan that can truly double as a sports car. The commercial plays on the fact most SUVs are bought by dreary people who value a higher driving position at the detriment of all other sporty characteristics. We haven't driven the Stelvio yet, but if it's anything like the Giulia sedan, then the SUV market better watch out. The Stelvio Quadrifolgio is the around the Nurburgring for now. The Lamborghini Urus may have something to say about that.