Abandoned 80s Dealership Uncovered in Switzerland


Treasure hunt reveals the Mazdas, Hondas and Saabs of the 1980s.

Here’s something you don’t find every day: a Reddit poster named “eastpa” says he just happened to come across an abandoned 1980s car dealership in Switzerland: "So I found a parking lot full of old abandoned cars today. There were a bunch of old Mazdas, Hondas and a few Saabs. There were some Mazdas from the 1980's inside the dealership as well, which appeared to be brand-new. From what I understand the building has been abandoned since around 2001.”

Judging from the date when the building was sealed up, this is likely to have been a used car dealership at some point. But several of the cars in these photos appear to be brand-new, even if they are a little dusty. While this is certainly a rare find, it could have been much more exciting to discover some of the 80s finer examples of automotive history, especially in a country like Switzerland. Even so, there are some retro throwbacks here that certainly deserve a loving restoration.

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