700-HP One-Off Ford Mustang GT Pays Tribute To WWII Pilots


The Eagle Squadron Mustang GT will be revealed at the Goodwood FoS next month.

Ford and drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. have collaborated to create a unique Eagle Squadron featuring a 5.0-liter V8 which produces 700-hp courtesy of a Ford Performance supercharger. The car also features an RTR carbon fiber wide-body kit and Tactical Performance suspension setup designed by Gittin’s RTR tuning company. The Eagle Squadron GT will also feature one-off camouflage and will be auctioned off to support the EAA Young Eagles charity on July 26.

“Supporting young pilots through the EAA Young Eagles charity auction reflects Ford’s aviation history, tracing back to the company’s early days and the Arsenal of Democracy during WWII,” said Darrell Behmer, Ford Mustang design chief. “The Eagle Squadron build with Vaughn and the Ford design team is a great way to honor our heroes and keep the spirit of aviation alive for the next generation of American pilots.” This is the 20th year that and during this time it has donated 11 vehicles that have raised over $3 million.

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This powerful and aggressive-looking is a fitting tribute to the three Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons that comprised of American volunteer pilots prior to the US officially entering the war. These brave individuals risked their lives over the skies of Europe and the car’s highest bidder will be contributing to the next generation of brave young American pilots. The Eagle Squadron will also be on display in the US at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture Gathering of Eagles in Oshkosh, Wisconsin prior to be auctioned off for those not lucky enough to attend Goodwood this year.