BMW M4 Competition Pack: There's No Reason Why Not To Upgrade

What the standard M4 should've been all along?

There was a time when the BMW M4 was the best high-performance luxury coupe on the market. And as these things typically go, the competition quickly caught up and, suddenly, the M4’s price tag and performance specs didn’t hold water. So BMW decided to respond, and the Competition Package, also available for the M3, was its answer. Carfection recently spent some time at the wheel of the M4 Competition Pack and, yeah, it’s a great high-performance coupe made even better, but its major upgrades are really only useful on the track.

Every day driving remains more or less the same, and that’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that in the US the Competition Pack adds another $5,500 to the $72,000 base price.

That doesn’t sound like much, especially considering the sharper handling response times and power increase, but they’re both more noticeable and useful when doing hot laps. Aside from that, we think the Competition Pack will be most appealing to those who couldn’t afford the ; the . There’s a lot of value here, and the M4 Competition Pack is really a no-brainer. For not much more, you’re getting an improved and more precise machine. Just be sure to head to the track every once in a while.

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