Chances Are Dodge Hellcat Owners Are In No Mood For Oil Leaks

Because there are Mustangs and Camaros to street race.

Something like this can happen to any car, but the aren’t any cars. No, they’re 707-hp wild animals begging not to be tamed. That’s part of their charm. What’s not so charming is an oil leak, the issue currently plaguing about 1,200 2017 model year Hellcats. Fiat Chrysler has filed a recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just prior to alerting affected owners. The exact problem is, obviously, an oil leak, caused by a hose to the engine oil cooler that could fail.

This would then lead to a rapid loss of engine oil that customers “may experience impaired visibility due to oil spray on the windshield, engine seizure and/or potential risk of fire due to engine oil ing a hot surface." None of that sounds good. FCA added that a disconnected line “may activate a check-engine light before any other consequences are observed.” It might. Or it might not. Either way, this is an issue dealerships need to fix pronto. The automaker specifies the affected Hellcats were built between February 6 and May 30 of this year. Everything seemed all fine and good until May 13, when it was realized that three warranty claims had come in just two weeks for oil leaks.

That’s when the Costa Rica-based supplier began conducting tests and, sure enough, the issue was confirmed. Fortunately, no accidents have been reported so far. As always, affected owners will be directly ed by FCA and the issue will be fixed free of charge.

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