Humble Honda S660 Gets Serious Widebody Treatment By Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk's latest creation might scar you for life.

Tuning company Liberty Walk has a reputation for sinful supercar modifications having butchered the and , to name a few of its victims. For its latest conversion, the polarizing tuner has steered away from expensive exotics and turned its attention to the humble Honda S660R. Packing a modest 63 hp, the dinky Japan-only kei car isn’t the sort of car you expect to see wearing a brash body kit. As with most of Liberty Walk’s creations, we’re not sure whether to be impressed or mortified.

Liberty Walk has christened its creation the LB Works SSX-660R, and it’s possibly the most brazen body kit yet which is no mean feat for the tuner, considering the car doesn’t pack the power to match its new muscular looks. Liberty Walk has gone all out here, applying new bumpers, a rear spoiler, ridiculously large wheel arches, side skirts and a rear diffuser which probably offers no aerodynamic advantages whatsoever. As you’ve probably gathered by now, the modifications are purely cosmetic, meaning the SSX-660R retains the same 0.66-liter, three-cylinder engine that produces 63-hp as the stock Honda S660R.

As with most of Liberty Walk’s widebody kits, it’s an acquired taste, but should you be interested in the SSX-660R, Liberty Walk is asking for 648,000 yen ($5,715) for the complete SSX-660R kit, and 475,200 yen ($4,190) for the slightly more subtle SSX-660 kit. Optional air suspension can also be ordered from 580,000 yen ($5,115). What do you think of the LB Works SSX-660R? Do you admire Liberty Walk’s lunacy, or has this sacrilege scarred you for life?

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