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You Can Order A Ford GT In Any Color You Want For An Extra $30,000

Somehow we doubt this will be a problem for buyers.

The Ford GT is not your typical Ford, and therefore the buying process is not like placing an order for a Focus. The Ford GT supercar is quite a thing, so naturally buyers want their cars to be, in a word, perfect. Being able to choose the perfect exterior paint color is important, but for 2017 Ford only offered the GT in eight different colors. These include: Frozen White, Shadow Black, Ingot Silver, Liquid Grey, Liquid Blue, Liquid Red, Triple Yellow, and Matte Black.

According to , however, GT buyers can request any exterior paint color they want – for an extra $30,000. This information came from an Arkansas car dealer, Elite Autos LLC, which published on its an open house that featured a pair of custom-ordered Ford GTs with special paint jobs. One came in "Beryllium Orange," which came directly from the Saleen S7 supercar, while the other GT featured a unique shade of green. noticed these unique colors and reached out to Elite Autos, who then revealed that insane sum of money Ford demands for the custom paint jobs.

Considering a new Ford GT costs at least $450,000 without any options, tacking on an additional $30k for the perfect paint likely isn’t something wealthy buyers will complain about. In fact, they’re probably thrilled that for the price of a Ford Fusion, their new GT can be the supercar of their dreams. Photos courtesy of Elite Autos/Facebook.

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