Of Course The Camaro Will Wear The Chevy Bowtie Badge In Australia

What? You'd think it'd be called the Holden Camaro?

Right now you can’t buy a Chevrolet Camaro in Australia. Fortunately, that’ll soon be changing. Thing is, Chevrolet is not GM’s main brand Down Under. That honor goes to Holden. That said, will the Camaro be sold as the Holden Camaro? Absolutely not. spoke with Holden director of communications, Sean Poppitt, who more or less confirmed the upcoming badging decision. "I think it has to wear a Chevrolet badge, it absolutely does. It’s intrinsic to its DNA and to what it stood for for decades in the US and globally," Poppitt said.

“So, should something like that come to pass? I think you’ve got an opportunity for GM to have a more portfolio strategy in Australia like they do in the US.” Poppitt also wouldn’t rule out GM introducing more of its brands to Australia at some point down the road. Not long ago, that would, obviously, cater directly to Australia and the UK. Ford , so GM isn’t breaking any new ground here, but better late than never. In any case, the Chevrolet Camaro will find its way to Australia, though it likely won’t arrive until about 2021.

Will other Chevrolet-branded models follow? What about the Corvette, for example (which we now know would definitely be sold as a Chevy)? How will hometown brand hero Holden handle this? Those questions and more still have yet to be answered.

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