Cadillac Boss is Rooting for Lincoln

Nothing like some friendly competition.

In the past, Cadillac and other GM executives would habitually mock Lincoln by suggesting it was neither a real luxury brand or a real competitor. But now Caddy boss Bob Ferguson has stated that he’s "root(ing) for the folks at Lincoln." So what’s up with the sudden change of heart? It’s actually more of a fraternal thing. Ferguson further explained that "the better we do as American luxury makers, the more credibility it adds to our offering."

His words also account for Tesla. "When people ask me what I think about Tesla, I tell them; 'Isn’t it great to see another American luxury company doing well.'" Fortunately for Ferguson and Co., Cadillac very much has the upper hand in terms of brand identity over Lincoln. The latter also only has five models at the moment while Cadillac is flourishing with new and exciting products that’ll also be competitive on a global scale. Still, it’d be great to see Lincoln find a new identity instead of being branded as restyled Fords forever.

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