1,200-HP Audi RS3 Is The Ultimate EV Conversion

Electric Car

Four electric motors make this converted RS3 as quick as a Ferrari 488 Pista.

With 395 horsepower in a compact form, the is no slouch. The racer had to be detuned a little for racing to 350 hp. But this one packs over a thousand. Called the 4ePerformance concept, it's the work of – one of Audi's racing partners that its and DTM teams. But as closely related as it ostensibly is to the touring car, it's not made to race. Instead it's a technological showpiece.

The concept integrates four of the electric motors that Audi and Schaeffler use in the battery-powered single-seat racing series. Like the ones that powered Lucas di Grassi to the 2016/17 world championship.

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All told, it packs 880 kW, or 1,200 metric horsepower. The only performance stat the company released is a 0-200 km/h (124 mph) sprint that it'll cover in under seven seconds. That puts it on about the same level as the , which runs to 62 in the two-second range. The electric motors are connected directly to the wheels, with a gearbox at each axle. That gives it individual torque vectoring for each wheel for superior control, backed up by a 64 kWh battery. It's an impressive piece of kit, to be sure. Shame it stands little chance of ever being put into production – for either road or track. But it just goes to show what's possible in the burgeoning field of electric propulsion.




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