BMW Issues A Facelift For The M3 Just A Year After Its Mid-Cycle Refresh


Ze Germans want every little detail to be just right.

After releasing its standard mid-cycle refresh for the M3, which BMW dubs the LCI for “life cycle impulse,” the automaker went ahead and released the Competition Package. This altered the M3’s looks, components, and horsepower. The result was, unsurprisingly, an improvement in performance. Now, as reports, the M3 is about to get yet another refresh outside of the normal LCI upgrade. Fortunately, the changes made to this new version of the M3 are small enough that they won’t leave recent buyers feeling left out.

The new M-branded 3 Series and...nothing else. Recently, the Bavarian automaker issued a refresh for the 4 Series that upgraded its looks, specifically on the front end of the car. While the back of the M3 will forgo the rear apron added to the 4 Series, the front will now be altered to look like its coupe counterpart, with LED light bars giving the front a more aggressive and angular look. While the change is subtle the effect is large. BMW’s aim is to help connect the kidney grilles to the headlights as if the lights were spawning from the center of the car like whiskers. Every other modification that the M4 got is banished from the M3, save for an illuminated M3 logo on the front seats.

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That means that the rear apron, interior chrome accents, new stitch patterns, and electroplated detailing are absent. Aside from that, the M3 sticks to the same recipe: a twin-turbocharged inline-six feeds 425 horsepower (or 444 horsepower ) to the rear limited-slip differential through a carbon fiber prop shaft to help reach speeds that, while not as insane as its competitors, fit like a puzzle piece with the car’s epic handling abilities. Should you spot this new M3 out in the wild, congratulations. You're in a special club of car nerds who pay way too much attention to BMW's moves. Make sure you tell your friends how the new M3 differs from the old one!