Porsche Expects To Sell 20,000 Mission Es Each Year...Sorry Tesla


Even that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

As formidable an automaker as Tesla has become, it seems like the small EV manufacturer makes its bread and butter doing what other automakers simply won’t: building practical and desirable electric cars. That strategy has been going well for Tesla so far, but it’s monopoly in this segment will end as soon as the big boys step in. One of the first to step up to the plate is Porsche, and as German publication claims, the automaker may do some serious damage to Tesla.

It’s been fun watching Tesla blossom from a company that sold 2,558 vehicles in 2012 into a sizable automaker that has moved 35,384 vehicles in the first ten months of 2016 alone, but Porsche CEO Oliver Blume claims that the Mission E will soon eat up a decent share of Tesla’s sales when it debuts as early as 2019. “We have the Mission E calculated with a number of items in the order of about 20,000,” said Blume. That fairly large number is sure to hurt Tesla, the effect of which could be exacerbated if its delays the Model 3 for too long. The Porsche Mission E’s perceived level of popularity . Its looks will force Tesla to hire a quality design team when it comes time to debut a new version of the Model S.

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Quality, not exactly a Tesla strong suit, is given the might of Porsche’s engineering muscle. , Blume’s predictions may be spot on. The German automotive news source also uncovered that Porsche may be working on a plug-in hybrid variant of the 718 Boxster, an idea that’s not far fetched given Porsche’s enduring experience with hybrid vehicles. That car would sure stick it to the next generation of Tesla roadster whenever it decides to come out of hiding, but given that Porsche has , we’re guessing that 20,000 annual EV sales is just the tip of the iceberg.