Police Drag Race: Ford Focus RS Vs. Ford RS200

Drag Race

Our money is on the RS.

It's not something you expect to see when you're nailing it down the highway, but if you're in the UK, the flashing lights chasing you down might just belong to a new that was recently added to its fleet. It's not the first one they've had though. Back in the mid 80s they had one of the coolest and fastest Fords made at the time, the RS200. This was a very special car and is quite rare these days. It was a homologation special so that Ford could kick ass in .

As per homologation rules there were 200 of the RS200 created, and the first 1.8-liter version made 250 hp in road trim and 450 hp in race spec.

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The small all-wheel drive car was a terror in rally races and later versions saw the capacity increase to 2137 cc with as much as 815 hp earning the car a reputation as being too fast to race.The new Focus RS makes 350 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque and is a much bigger and heavier car, so on paper it's not quite on par with the RS200, unless we're talking about the baby road-sped 250-hp version. Check out the video and decide which one the new Focus RS police car is racing against based on the above information and the results of the race. Besides what we see in the race, it's great to see the police using proper cars that can have a chance of catching high-speed offenders. Great if we're not the ones speeding that is.