Great Handling Ford Fiesta ST Not So Great In The Wrong Hands At The 'Ring


These cars are so good, the problem must be between steering wheel and pedals.

Ford's Fiesta ST is a cracking little car, that goes for the original version and also . It has all the bells and whistles that the big brother Focus ST has but it comes in a more compact size for those who were fans of the , the SVT. The current Fiesta's dimensions are almost identical, which we reckon makes the car a lot more chuckable on the track. Thanks to the very tunable turbo lump we're seeing more of these cars , and more of them used on track too.

Owners of modified STs should get a performance driving course under their belt, actually even owners of stock ones should if they want track time.

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This Fiesta ST could be modified, but there's no way of knowing from what we can see, but it's probably stock looking at the OEM wheels. The main problem here looks to be the driver taking the initial bend a little too fast, forcing the right-hand side wheels to go off the track and onto the grass, something not many cars can recover from. On grass there's all of a sudden zero traction and only half the braking force, even a clever ABS system won't know what to do. This could have been much worse, this was one of the lucky ones. It doesn't look like the curtain airbags popped, so the damage may just be limited to some bodywork and the suspension. Let's hope the lucky bugger took trackday insurance.


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