EXCLUSIVE: Lamborghini To Unveil New Car In LA This Month


But what will it be?

Lamborghini won’t be attending the Los Angeles Auto Show this month, but it will be unveiling a new car in LA. Taking advantage of the media presence that will be in The Big Orange, Lamborghini will host a “special unveiling” at a private residence on the eve of the motor show. What that car will be remains under wraps. It will, however, be a “world premiere of the newest expression to emerge from Sant’Agata Bolognese,” according to the invite Cartownhack received.

It also describes the mystery car as an “international debut of pure, powerful performance,” perhaps an indication a high-po Huracan will be unveiled. Recent sightings of a adds more weight to this argument. Lamborghini recently trademarked the name Huracan Performante, but that’s the name it used with the hi-po Gallardo Spyder. For the sake of speculation, we’ll wager that Lamborghini will unveil the Huracan Superleggera this month in LA, and save the Huracan Spyder Performance for Geneva next March.

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Other possibilities include the SUV or . We’ll know for sure in just two weeks’ time, and bring you shots from the private unveiling. In the meantime, we’ve knocked up a couple of renderings of what we think a leaner, meaner Huracan might look like. You can also listen to it here:


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