Our Spies Found The New Bentley Flying Spur Hiding Under A Panamera

Spy Shots

The Volkswagen Group’s newest camouflage is to simply use another car’s body. Genius.

One of the beautiful things about an automaker having partner brands is the ability to , including platforms, or as it seems in this case, an outer layer of skin. Even though this looks like our spy photographers brought us pictures of the new Porsche Panamera, this is actually our first look at the next-generation Bentley Flying Spur. How did they figure that out? A quick search on the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency revealed that this prototype was registered as a Bentley.

This makes much more sense upon realizing that the upcoming Flying Spur will share Volkswagen’s MSB-F platform with the Panamera. Coincidentally, the MSB platform at one point. Given that the Flying Spur is a four-door version of the Continental GT, it should get the same upgrades that will be seen on the upcoming Conti. Bentley’s two-door saving grace is a big deal for the automaker, so ensuring a steady stream of sales into the future means that it will borrow inspiration concept seen at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. This look should translate well over to the Flying Spur.

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With the Panamera underpinning this new luxury sedan, the result should be nothing short of incredible. Unlike Porsche, Bentley isn’t a subscriber to the downsized and turbocharged engine combo and will stick with its old school range-topping options, which means we’ll see the 6.0-liter W12 make it into yet another generation of Flying Spur. Those wanting less weight up front (because a Bentley buyer doesn't downsize to save cash) can opt for the Panamera’s new 4.0-liter V8 that’s straddled by two turbochargers. We’ll see the new Flying Spur unveiled sometime in 2017 with production models making it to dealerships by 2018 or 2019.


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