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The Kia Soul EV Was Born To Have Fun

Consider this cheeky little EV while you wait for your Tesla Model 3 to arrive.

Congratulations if you are one of the hundreds of thousands to have . Bad luck if you were hoping to have the superstar EV any time soon. The second wave of electric cars is on the horizon, but before it crashes onto the sea of gas-guzzlers and removes the diesel-stained footprint in its backwash, the eco-conscious among you need something to drive. .

In some respects, the Soul EV is the perfect city car. Its low center of gravity makes it a fun little car to drive on densely populated streets, and the interior is nicely finished and appointed with a lovely panoramic sunroof and green materials such as bio-based plastics derived from sugar cane.

Charging is a daily chore, however, and the $38,000 sticker price for the Kia Soul EV + is a hard one to justify. But if you desperately want an EV and cannot wait for the call from Elon Musk to come and pick up your new ‘3,’ check out our latest unboxing video. It might just convince you to join the green revolution now.

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Kia Soul EV
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