Your Love For Classic JDM Is About To Become Even Deeper Because Of This '71 Mazda RX-2

Rotary-powered goodness at its finest.

In its native Japan it was called the "Capella Rotary." You’ll understand why the moment you hear its engine. This 1971 Mazda RX-2 has found a new home in Australia, under the care of its restorer and owner, Jason Humble. The rotary-powered RX-2 was purchased by Humble several years ago and was in a pretty bad state. Fortunately, he grew up at the race track alongside his dad so he knows a thing or two about fixing cars. With help from friends and fellow enthusiasts, Humble got this old RX-2 up and running.

Now competing regularly in vintage racing events and with its unique rotary engine sound, this fully restored RX-2 is exactly how we like our classic JDM: loud, somewhat understated styling, and ready to race. Check it out in the video ahead, thanks to the crew over at Petrolicious.

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