Just How Far Into Hypercar Territory Will AMG Go?


Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari…AMG?

Mercedes is a powerhouse; after all, it was the world’s first automaker. Its products sit near the top of the car hierarchy and Merc lineup is so huge that any niche can be catered to. What else justifies having practical luxury cars like the C-Class on one side and the G-Wagon 6x6 on the other? Due to Mercedes’ broad interests, there were rumors for some time that the Tri-Star giant would produce a hypercar to go against heavyweights like the Porsche 918, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and the McLaren P1.

These fantasies were egged on Vision GT concept and the fact that Mercedes’ talented engineers could feasibly make a hypercar. You can imagine how dismayed we were to find that the German giant seems to be uninterested in making a P1-killer. AMG boss Tobias Moers, in an interview with Autoblog, said that this is because hypercars are not financially practical. They usually end up being four-wheeled advertisements for the brand rather than a money rake. Instead, AMG wants to focus its energies on expanding the AMG GT lineup and creating an AMG version of the new E-Class. Despite the disappointing news, Moers did recently mention that a Ferrari 488 and McLaren 650S beater could be .

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