This Is Where You'll Go To Buy The New Bugatti Chiron In The US


Free food and drinks for serious buyers only.

It revealed yet but Bugatti is getting ready for something big. Let’s call it the Veyron successor and it’s to Geneva. More than likely to be called the Chiron, it can’t be sold in just any old dealer showroom. Buying a Bugatti is an experience, so we’re told, and you better believe the dealer will hook you up with plenty of free food and drinks. Late last week, Bugatti celebrated the opening of two new US showrooms, both of which are currently void of inventory; there aren’t any cars to sell - yet.

The first new showroom, called Manhattan Motorcars, is located in Manhattan’s West Side, only a few blocks south of Central Park. The second showroom is Braman Motors in Miami, Florida. The NYC digs is nearly 1,000 square feet while the Miami location is about 2,600 sq. ft. The newly designed showrooms, according to Bugatti, feature a "contemporary presentation…dominated by blue, Bugatti’s brand color, with distinctive lines and clear surfaces reminiscent of Bugatti super sports cars." More Bugatti showrooms are also beign planned for Tokyo, Munich and Monaco in the near future.

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