Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept Is A Totally Doable Compact Pickup

Seriously, Hyundai may have just stumbled on to something special here.

About a year or so ago, a Hyundai official that his company was looking at the possibility of doing a production pickup truck. No one thought much of this at the time, but the South Korean automaker has apparently stuck with the idea. The Santa Cruz HCD-15 concept is proof. Hyundai officials have been quick to point out that an official production decision hasn’t been made, but it’s looking rather likely.

The concept had a number of clever features such as that slide-out rear bed extender (Hyundai has already applied for the patents) and its overall compact dimensions. But to be clear, Hyundai has no illusions that it’ll draw Chevy Colorado and/or Toyota Tacoma drivers. The Santa Cruz is more of an alternative to a small crossover but for younger buyers with active lifestyles. It’s clearly not a conventional truck, but Hyundai would still offer both front and all-wheel drive. Even those rear-hinged suicide doors could make production. So the question now is whether a production version will arrive. That’ll be up to you, the public. Do you think Hyundai is onto a winner here?

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