Family Cruiser Showdown: 1970 Olds Vista Cruiser Vs...Ferrari FF?!

Now this is how you travel on a family vacation.

This isn’t exactly the typical family wagon comparison. No, this is something very different. For the season finale of Generation Gap, our hosts have chosen two ridiculously cool cars to compare. In one corner is a stock Ferrari FF, powered by a 6.3-liter V12 producing 651 horsepower. And in the other corner is a 1970 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser wagon. Although it looks mostly stock (save for the wheels, brakes, and some badging) from the outside, under its hood lies an Edelbrock/Lingenfelter Edition E-Force Supercharged LS3 V8.

It’s just as powerful as the FF’s V12 and even has a nifty air suspension. Really, are these even comparable? Assuming they are, which one would you prefer to haul your family around in? Honestly, it’s a tough choice and our hosts need your help in deciding.

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