Rallying a Subaru WRX is Absolutely Bonkers


It's not exactly the safest hobby to have.

Rally racing is dangerous, just like any other form of motorsport. Although rally cars don’t go quite as fast as, say, F1 or Indy cars, there are still plenty of treacherous obstacles facing both driver and co-driver. Yes, rally drivers typically have help in the form of a co-driver/navigator sitting alongside them in the car. In order to have any chance at winning (and not getting seriously injured or killed), both driver and co-driver must have absolute trust in one another.

They have to work together every step of the way through the race. Split-second decisions could mean life or death, victory or losing. The Smoking Tire managed to place a camera in a modified Subaru WRX taking part in a forest rally. Check out what it’s like to dodge trees at speeds up to 110 mph. It’s just totally bonkers and intense.

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