Mercedes Thinks GLA Owners Should Pimp Their CUVs


MB will offer a complete line of accessories for the new crossover, debuting in US this fall.

Mercedes' new small crossover, the GLA, was introduced in Frankfurt last year and is due in American showrooms later this year. But already, Mercedes thinks the CLA-based crossover is lacking that little extra Mercedes pizzazz. Yeah, they already showed us a GLA45 AMG concept in Detroit, but what about those regular GLA buyers? Don’t they deserve something? So,in true Benz fashion, the company has announced a new line of original accessories, designed solely for the GLA.

The accessory line includes everything from light-alloy wheels and next-generation versions of the Plus for iPhone drive kit communication system, to “Aerostyle” roof bars - the latter easily fitted with snowboard, ski and bike racks. Mercedes will also offer an illuminated Mercedes star, special trunk fittings, floor-mats and other interior features, in addition to a luggage set, original key chain and champagne bottle holder to complement your automobile. Prices should come at a Mercedes-grade premium. But hey, nothing is too good for your baby, right?

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