Watch Your Tail: Tailgate Thefts Increasing


It's actually becoming more common than many realize.

Turns out that not only are truck thefts increasing in the US () but also tailgates. According to a new report coming from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, tailgate theft in the US is skyrocketing and there are still many unreported thefts. For example, the number of tailgate thefts reported to insurance companies in 2008 was just three. In 2012 it was more than 500. Remember, those are only insurance claims and the actual number is significantly higher. So why tailgates?

They’re really not all that hard to remove, as tools aren't required. Tailgates have also become more valuable with late model trucks because of features like built-in backup cameras and other electronics. The average price to replace a tailgate is about $1,200, but with a camera the cost increases to at least $3,500. So what can be done to prevent theft? Ford and GM have begun installing manual tailgate locks, but in order for those to serve their purpose the driver needs to remember to lock them before leaving their truck. Chrysler, on the other hand, is now offering a remote locking system that not only secures the tailgate but also the cab doors.

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