Volvo Says Goodbye to the C30


Three-door premium hatchback reaches the end of the road after six years of production.

Volvo may be lacking in excitement, but what it doesn't lack is dedicated customers. And for many, the entry point into Swedish motoring has been the C30. Introduced in 2006, the C30 represents an interesting take on the premium hatchback and Volvo's entry-level model. Earlier this year, however, Volvo stopped selling the C30 in Europe, and has now confirmed its withdrawal from the North American market as well. The move comes as little surprise considering that the C30 has failed to sell in large numbers in the past few years.

The question that leaves open, however, is what Volvo will do to replace it. For Europe it has already rolled out the new V40 that occupies much of the same market position, but Volvo has stated that the V40 won't be sold in the United States. A three- or four-door version could be made, however, to replace the C30 and the old S40. In the meantime, Volvo Cars of North America is offering 250 examples of the C30 Polestar Limited Edition (pictured in baby blue) with a series of performance enhancements including a stronger 250-horsepower 2.5-liter turbo five and a load of optional equipment fitted as standard.

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